Information in Detail:
Topics and Potential Areas of Activities.

Strategic Marketing Management

  • Marketing Structures and Functions within an Organization
  • Market and Situation Analysis
  • Definition of Objectives
  • Strategic Plan to meet the marketing objectives established
  • Tactical Action Steps to achieve strategic goals
    • Product Range and Design
    • Advertising, Sales Promotion, PR
    • Selling Structures and Sales Conditions
    • Materials Management
    • Profitability
  • Action Schedule and Progress Control
  • Structure and Organisation of a Marketing Department
  • Interlinked Cost and Expense Plan

Export Marketing through Distributors

  • Market Evaluation
  • Search, Assessment, and Selection of potential Distributors
  • Important Aspects of Contractual Agreements
  • Scope of Practical Co-operation
  • Maximising Opportunities while Minimising Risks?
  • Comparative Evaluation and Assessment of
    • Export through Distributors
    • Company Representative to support distributors
    • Direct Selling, Shipping, and Invoicing
    • Foreign Subsidiary (with/without Manufacture)
    • Licensing
  • Structure and Organization of an Export Department
  • How to establish and maintain international business relations
  • Importance and observance of political and cultural differences
  • Export Business Plan

Expert Advice and Support in Specific Situations of Marketing, Sales, and Export Business (in-house or off-shore)

  • During Absence of Personnel in charge (due to sickness or vacation)
  • For Special Projects, Visitors, and Exhibitions

Product Application Training in Medical-Device Business

  • In particular, ophthalmic operating procedures and surgical use of associated products


  • Consultancy for company personnel in operative capacities of sales, marketing, and export business

Educational Enhancement

  • Training of personnel on marketing and export business topics
  • Language instruction courses in German & Business German
  • Language instruction courses in Spanish & Business Spanish
  • Language instruction courses in English & Business English for foreigners

Translation & Interpreting Services (German, English & Spanish)

  • Correspondence of any kind
  • PR & Publicity Language
  • Description of Catalogues, Brochures, and other types of promotional literature
  • Operating Manuals
  • Specialist Literature (medical, pharmaceutical, and associated technical/scientific topics)
  • Interpreting services if and when required

Special Regional Experience

  • Europe (including Central & Eastern Europe)
  • Former Soviet Union
  • Latin America

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