Overview & Synopsis:
Competence and a lifetime of professional experience at affordable cost.

Scope of Activities

Consultancy, Assistance, and Support for small, medium-size, and start-up companies in the areas of

  • Marketing, Sales & Export Business
  • Expert Advice and Support in specific situations
  • Product Application Training
  • Coaching
  • Educational Enhancement
  • Translation & Interpreting Services

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Potential Ways of Co-operation

  • In-Company Training Courses (Marketing, Export Sales, Languages)
  • Alternatively or complementary: Assistance, flanking support, and active co-operation (both at the company‚Äôs premises and via remote control) during the stages of...
    • Planning
    • Design and Establishment of Structures
    • Definition of Measures
    • Introduction
    • Guided Implementation
    • Progress Control and Verification

Customer Profile

The services offered are specially suited for small, medium-size, and start-up companies in the medical-device business, interested in organizing, enhancing, or intensifying professional export and/or marketing activities.

Background Information & Reimbursement

  • These services are not offered by a young guy with some theoretical background and little experience, but rather by someone with a solid practical business experience of 40 years and an adequate theoretical background.
  • No reimbursement levels like for large consultant organizations, but fair and affordable fees for someone who is in an active retirement situation looking for challenges to share knowledge and experience, yet neither with any need for building his career nor for making his living.

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